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Oct 10

Hot off the Press: Hydration in Fucoidan-Based Multilayers

The group has just had published a new scientific paper (click HERE) in Langmuir, the premier interfacial science journal of the American Chemical Society.  Tracey Ho (busy writing up her thesis at the moment) has produced the second manuscript from her studies into polymer multilayer coatings based on fucoidan (a seaweed polysaccharide) and chitosan (a polysaccharide …

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Oct 10

Hard Work at the Synchrotron

The group just completed an experimental campaign at the Australian Synchrotron.  David, Marta, Jessie, and Natalie spent 4 days (and nights) studying polymer multilayer coatings using infrared microscopy – probing the chemical composition and associated hydration water – the water that binds to the polymer and influences the coating properties. The experiment involved confining the …

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Jun 08

Spreading the Word

One of our team is out spreading the word about SISM science.  Tracey Ho, who is currently writing up her thesis (and doing some postdoctoral work for an industry project – she likes to multi-task), is in Krakow (Poland) this week attending the 15th European Student Colloid Conference (ESC 2015), which is organised by the …

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Jun 06

All the World’s a Stage….

Science communication (scicomm) is an important aspect of the SISM Group activities.  Connecting with society and communicating the importance, relevance, and enjoyment of science should be a central goal of all scientists working in universities (see blog post HERE). This week, David had the chance to talk at The Laborastory, a monthly scicomm event held …

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Apr 25

Beamtime Bonanza!

The SISM group has been successful in two beamtime applications for the Australian Synchrotron in the second cycle of activity for the facility in 2015.  Scientists have to win beamtime through a competitive merit selection process, which is carried out for the numerous experimental installations in the synchrotron. Scientists from the SISM group will be …

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Mar 13

Update – Cover Story on Seaweed Science

Tracey’s fucoidan multilayer paper is now fully published (with page numbers 🙂 ) – here is the link to the article, and here is the link to the earlier web-post on the article.  It is also featured on the back cover of the journal issue, with a brand new image representing the formed multilayer, and its …

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Jan 12

Hot off the Press: A Sushi Sandwich Surface Coating

Tracey Ho from the SISM Group has just had accepted the first paper from her thesis work.  The manuscript is now online at Soft Matter.  Tracey’s thesis work focuses on soft surface coatings, made using the technique of polyelectrolyte multilayer (PEM) formation. PEM formation relies on the sequential adsorption of oppositely charged polymers, building up layer-by-layer …

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Jan 08

A Return Visit

It seems that when it comes to studying surfactants, bubbles, and foam properties, Susie Warring from the University of Otago just can’t get enough of all the cool equipment we have in the SISM Group.  Susie is visiting the group this month, to continue the work she started in a previous visit (at the same time last year). …

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Jan 05

Happy New Paper Published

The SISM Group has had an ideal start to the New Year – with a manuscript accepted based on some recent synchrotron studies of ionic liquid adsorption to a metal interface.  The paper is now online at the PCCP website (link here).  Ionic liquids (sometimes referred to as room temperature ionic liquids) are being investigated as …

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Dec 18

Grant Success and a New Member for the SISM Group

The SISM Group is ending 2014 on a high.  David and Marta (along with Kristen Bremmell and Louise Smith) have won a student project grant from the Wound Management Innovation CRC.  The project research is concerned with studying polymer surface treatments, with a goal of developing new wound dressing materials that enhance healing. The student …

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