Jan 08

A Return Visit

It seems that when it comes to studying surfactants, bubbles, and foam properties, Susie Warring from the University of Otago just can’t get enough of all the cool equipment we have in the SISM Group.  Susie is visiting the group this month, to continue the work she started in a previous visit (at the same time last year).  Susie is doing her PhD on the adsorption of surfactants to silica surfaces, and the interaction of those surfactants with the air-water interface, and what that means for foams created using the surfactants.

The picture below is of Susie and Iliana (one of the group PhD students), working hard in our class 1000 clean room (hence the interesting attire), measuring dynamic surface tension for different surfactants at the air-water interface.  Welcome back to the group, Susie :).

Susie is back