Apr 25

Beamtime Bonanza!

The SISM group has been successful in two beamtime applications for the Australian Synchrotron in the second cycle of activity for the facility in 2015.  Scientists have to win beamtime through a competitive merit selection process, which is carried out for the numerous experimental installations in the synchrotron.

Scientists from the SISM group will be traveling to Melbourne to do two types of experiments: infrared spectroscopy/microscopy, and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy.  The synchrotron produces different wavelengths of light, and these different ranges of wavelengths allow us to probe matter in different ways, and for different purposes.

Both applications involve collaborations.  The experiments to be performed using infrared light are for the study of plant nutrient uptake pathways on leaves, and this work is being led by Dr Ryo Sekine (one of our collaborators in the spectroscopy area). This collaboration also involves other researchers from UniSA (Enzo Lombi, Erica Donner, and Thea Lund) and the University of Queensland (Peter Kopittke). The beamtime will be used to get higher quality data to couple with that obtained on the infrared microscope in the SISM Group labs.

The experiments to be performed using X-rays are for the study of novel ionic liquid lubricants.  This collaborative study involves the SISM Group and our friends from ETH Zurich (Antonella Rossi and Andrea Arcifa).  The beamtime will allow us to submit a follow-up scientific paper to our recent work in PCCP.

The group is now going to store up some sleep in preparation for the demanding experimental campaigns (the synchrotron never sleeps 🙂 ).

March synchrotron


(The picture above is of the infrared microscopy experimental installation (called an endstation) at the Australian Synchrotron)