Jun 06

All the World’s a Stage….

Science communication (scicomm) is an important aspect of the SISM Group activities.  Connecting with society and communicating the importance, relevance, and enjoyment of science should be a central goal of all scientists working in universities (see blog post HERE).

This week, David had the chance to talk at The Laborastory, a monthly scicomm event held in Brunswick in Melbourne.  The goal of the Laborastory is to enlighten and entertain, with a focus on painting a picture of the human side of science by encouraging scientists (and science communicators, and teachers, etc.) to talk about one of their scientific heroes.

David talked about William Ramsay, a Nobel prize-winning chemist, who won his Nobel prize for his discovery of the Noble elements (helium, neon, argon, krypton, xenon, and radon).  As well as highlighting the early influences that led Ramsay to pursue chemistry (a gift of a chemistry set to keep him occupied while recovering from a soccer injury), David also talked about Ramsay’s inherently collaborative nature – a characteristic that is very important for scientific discovery.

The website of The Laborastory will post a video/audio recording of David’s talk, but for now, here is a still picture taken by one of David’s co-performers, Cobi Smith.

David at Laborastory



Here is the link to the audio track:


And here is the link to the YouTube recording: