Jun 08

Spreading the Word

One of our team is out spreading the word about SISM science.  Tracey Ho, who is currently writing up her thesis (and doing some postdoctoral work for an industry project – she likes to multi-task), is in Krakow (Poland) this week attending the 15th European Student Colloid Conference (ESC 2015), which is organised by the European Colloid and Interface Society.

She will be presenting new work on the characterisation of her fucoidan multilayers using FTIR spectroscopy, one of the core techniques that we use in the group to study thin films attaching to and growing on surfaces.  The work she will present also includes FTIR data obtained at the Australian synchrotron, which have allowed us to interrogate the hydration water within the multilayers.  Hydration water in these films is thought to influence the ability of the layers to act as lubricants.

Tracey is pictured below outside the Jerzy Haber Institute of Catalysis and Surface Chemistry (Polish Academy of Sciences), where the conference is being held.  SISM Group co-leader, Marta Krasowska, studied there for her PhD.

Tracey in Krakow resample cut