Oct 10

Hard Work at the Synchrotron

The group just completed an experimental campaign at the Australian Synchrotron.  David, Marta, Jessie, and Natalie spent 4 days (and nights) studying polymer multilayer coatings using infrared microscopy – probing the chemical composition and associated hydration water – the water that binds to the polymer and influences the coating properties.

The experiment involved confining the coating between two surfaces – using a brand new sampling assembly being developed by the scientists at the synchrotron. The new sampling cell allows us to dehydrate the layer through the application of pressure. Not only does this allow us to study the fundamentals of coating composition, it opens up the possibility of studying their lubrication characteristics at the molecular level.
It was a tough set of experiments – these campaigns always are – but Jessie and Natalie were great. Well done both of you – you got some great data.