Group Projects

Minerals and Resources Engineering

1. Environmentally Benign Flotation Chemicals

2. Stimulus Responsive Polymers for Flotation

3. Novel Collectors for Floating Coarse Composite Particles

4. Microcapsules for Targeted Leaching

Energy and Advanced Manufacturing

1. Ionic Liquid Wettability

2. Ionic Liquid Lubricant Additives

3. Droplets and Wettability in Processed Foods

Bioengineering and Nanomedicine

1. Biopolymer Lubricants

2. Biopolymer Films for Enhanced Wound Healing

3. Surface-Mediated Drug Delivery with Composite Films

Environmental Science and Engineering

1. Prevention of Acid Mine Drainage with Polymers

2. Contaminant Co-adsorption on Soil Minerals