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This area of the website is less about Group news and happenings, and more about hearing what we have to say.  It will mostly revolve around the issues affecting academic life for PhD students, postdocs, and group leaders, but will occasionally stray into more diverse territory.

We hope you will enjoy reading the posts.

Note: the thoughts and opinions expressed are solely those of the blog authors (attribution at the bottom of each post).

Engagement – Understanding the Place of a Scientist in Society

There are many people that scientists need to talk to for their work.  Our core business involves talking to other scientists, describing our research and the interpretation of our results.  This is the traditional form of academic communication, using journal articles and conference presentations as our means to reach out and engage others in our …

Solving the Postdocalypse – A Guide for PIs and CIs

Chances are, if you are a PI or CI (Principal or Chief Investigator), you haven’t even heard of the postdocalypse.  You don’t engage with social media, so you don’t hear the cries for help.  Your thoughts about your research team are focused on developing academics, so you don’t consider the need to cultivate alternative careers …